Meta-Mapper Frames

Display your art in different scenes. You can easily upload your art by using the website and then choosing one of many presets for having a look and feel of your art in different scenes and rooms.

Meta-Mapper frames helps you to find the perfect frame of your art. It’s very easy to use. Only follow these few instructional steps and you will find your art in a nice looking frame on a wall of certain scenes.

  1. Go to
  2. Select „experimental image upload“ (you can now select a photo of your art on your mobile phone or on your pc.)
  3. Select the #frame category
  4. Select your favorite preset
  5. Download your preset and publish it on Instagram

( is optimized for bigger screens, so it’s recommended to use a notebook or a pc – at least it will also work with smart phones)


Following Presets are currently available

(This list will continually extended.)

Show your art in a very stylish room with designer furniture, above a yellow chair.


Show your art in a very nice, white and old looking frame


This preset gives you the feeling, that your art is on a museums wall, watched by some people.


Let some one else displaying your art by using this preset.


Or let these two hands hold your artwork.


Here you can see further examples of artworks on different presets and how the artworks and paintings act in real rooms and scenes.


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