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Generate a Windows 95 Preview Image from any website, the generator for windows 95 themes and images is can be open here:

Windows 95 Theme generator

By using this editor you can generate a Windows95 looking design in seconds, which can be downloaded and shared on Instagram or any other social media platform. You can select different Windows-looking presets.  For having the best user experience it’s recommended to user Chrome on a notebook or desktop. The Windows95 image generate is very easy to use. Meta-mapper provides some fonts, which are similar to the original win95 Fonts.  See the font list below in the Windows 95 Font Section.

The following list shows the the current themes, which can be applied and easily downloaded.

Preview Image Editor Link

Windows 95 Paint Window Preset

Windows 95 theme with MS paint, where texts and images can be changed.

Open the MS paint theme here

The Internet Explorer Preset

A windows theme with a editable Internet Explorer

Open the Internet Explorer Theme here

The very simple Windows95 Window Preset

Open the simple win95 window here 

Another very simple Windows95 Window Preset

With more editable functionality

Open the simple win95 window here 

All the way customizable windows 95/98 theme

This theme can be customized in many different ways. Change windows 95 logos, change fonts, add new
windows 95 windows etc. Customize windows 95 icons.

Open all the way customizable theme here 

Windows95 Window design 

A windows 95 theme in portrait mode, which fits perfect for Instagram stories.

Open the windows95 portrait theme here 

Vaporwave Windows Theme

A minimalistic vaporwave aesthetic theme (see also other vaporwave themes: Vaporwave image generator)

Open vaporwave windows theme her

Retro Window Design 

A hipster windows95 theme in bright colors with pink background.

Open the hipster theme here 

Retro Window Design 

A hipster windows95 theme in bright colors with green background.

Open the hipster theme here 

Windows 95 Moving Logo

Preset with windows moving background. The windows logo is moving in the background.

This Preset is only tested with chrome, and does not work with IOS.

Open Windows95 Moving Logo Preset here

Crazy Windows95 Icon Moving Background

A 720x720px square format moving background, this only works with chrome.

Open the windows95 square moving Preset here


Another windows retor hipster design

A 900x1600px preset which matches perfect for instagram stories.

Open hipster window design here

Windows 95 Popup message / warning message

A presets which can be used for creating a custom windows 95 warning or error message.

windows popup message

The best fonts for creating any Windows 95 Theme

  • VT323
  • IBM Plex Mono
  • W95FA
    Free Windows 95 Font, complete with pixel style, re-created after the default Windows 95. This Font is also available in the editor.

Further Pixel Fonts, old computer fonts, old operating system and console/terminal fonts 

Windows 95 CSS Frameworks/Libraries

A set of windows 95 UI CSS Kits, which can be easily used

Launch Windows 95 in Browser and create Screenshots

It’s possible to launch a full version of Windows 95 in browser. By using the browser version of Windows 95, it’s possible to create manually any Windows 95 context. See Launch Windows 95 in Browser.

It’s possible to use all common Windows 95 tools and programs like  paint etc.

My old Version of the Windows 95 Image creator

Generating Images with predefined text boxes for certain layouts.
Can be used in different ways for creating images with some given layout element.

It’s easy to append new views, with new layouts and new fonts.


  • Generating Quote Images
  • Generating Marketing Images
  • Generating Fun Images

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