How does work?

The concept of is very simple. is based on so called „meta tags“ which are snippets of text or images which are related to a website, i.e. blog posts, websites, or other content. „Meta Tags“ are hidden for the „normal“ users, but they exist in HTML and they are readable for computer programs. The main goal of meta tags is to describe your website/product in a way, which is, i.e., relevant for SEO or social sharing.

The most important tags are the „title“ and the „description“ tag, and most websites also using the „image“ tag (og:image), which is commonly used for social media links, which also have a „preview image“. Many services, i.e. facebook, whatsapp, telegram …, were using these meta information to show additional information to a link which is getting shared. For a more detailed (and technical) description see HTML meta Tag works in a similar way, it uses these tags to generate a „preview“ but also with the opportunity to have an image editor, which makes it easy to create an attractive image from any website, which can be shared on any social media tool/service in a very simple way.

Why using

An example: you run a food blog (i.e. wordpress), you were creating content like recipes, restaurants ratings, etc. and you also need to share it on facebook, instagram, pinterest (or where ever), you now need to create an individual and branded post with an image, an title and so on… so that’s the point where is very useful. Just insert the address of your newly created blog post and let automatically create beautiful preview images which can be downloaded on your phone and shared in a rush. This tool also

Main Advantages

  • Simply create different styles of one address
  • Select one out of many nice looking presets
  • Create new presets and save it, to use it next time
  • You can use it for products, posts and any other web content
  • No design skills needed.
  • Create once, export to many with MetaMapper


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