Theme generator for popular retro operating systems

The MetaMapper visual editor makes it easy to generate images which look like real screenshots of retro operating systems. The MetaMapper provides presets which can be selected and used for customizing retro desktops. Images can be uploaded, texts can be edited and then the finished retro looking image can be downloaded. By using the original fonts of the certain OS it makes it more realistic. The MetaMapper is totally free to use.  The following operating systems are already  defined as presets in MetaMapper Editor. If you have any suggestions/problems/issues mail to:


Generating Windows95 / Windows98 Themes

See me other blog post about generating beautiful Win95 Themes

BeOs Themes Generator

Generate BeOS Themes with You can use a simple BeOS text generator, to insert text you like.

BeOS Browser Theme Generator

A BeOS Browser-Theme helps you creating a BeOS look alike theme in a rush. Just open one of the following presets to generate a editable view. By using the it’s really easy to generate a customized themed for your needs. Just try one of the following themes:

BeOS Browser

Open the BeOS Browser Template here.

BeOS Simple and editable UI

A BeOS theme which can be edited.

BeOS image

Open the BeOs UI Template here.

BeOS Error Theme Generator

Generate a simple Error Message by using the meta-mapper BeOS genrator. Nice looking old school UI look an feel with editor

Get the BeOS font here

The fonts which were used for BeOS are the following:

OS/2 makes it also possible to generate themes for the popular OS/2 by IBM. By selecting on of the following themes, you will also be able to customize it as you need it. Changing fonts or images, it’s super easy to use. Download it and share it with the world.


A OS/2 text editor theme

Easy editor preset which can be customized. A OS/2 retro looking text editor

Open the OS/2 editor preset here


Windows 3, Windows 3.1 theme generator

Generating Windows 3 and Windows 3.1 themes. Generating a Windows 3 looking theme just by using this editor. Windows 3.0 was released 1991. You can easily create themes which do look like a real Windows 3 desktop. Creating error messages or text editor designs.

Windows 3.0 Texteditor Preset

windows 3.0 generated text editor preset can be opened her


Preview of provided themes can be found here:

Zodiac Sign Image Generator

Meta-Mapper Frames

Windows 95 Design Generator

Theme generator for popular retro operating systems