Responsive Everyting

What is this?

A tool to make responsive website development more easy. Showing one website in different view ports based on a Chromium browser. It is not really a new browser, its more like an assistive companion for your daily struggles while developing responsive websites. You can see any website in many view ports at the same time. It is totally free but also totally in an alpha stadium and of course WIP. 



  • Totally free (but only for windows machines) 
  • Different View Ports at one tool
  • Automatically Hot Reloading for development 
  • Based on Chromium and CEF

Change Log

Version 001

Whats New: 

Download Zip here

  • Removed unnecessary dependencies from code 
  • Add new functionality for zooming – at the moment it is hard coded

Download Zip here

First Alpha Version

Download the Zip file and file the magic. Windows only. May it will not work.