This text is still in progress… 

Cleeper is a nice tool for managing your Clipboard (Copy/Paste). It uses the power of a browser to keep all your clip board stuff together. 

Just using a custom short key to append the clip board item on the browser. It’s really easy to use. 


  • Using Chrome Browser as clipboard viewer
  • Power of Chrome helps you exporting the whole clipboard as PDF or even as a HTML which can be straight uploaded to your website and viewed by every one. 
  • You can use Cleeper as a mockup tool for fast prototyping and similar stuff.  
  • Drag and Drop Items
  • Duplicate Items
  • Change order of items

Technical Background

Check the project on Github:

The project is currently WIP, so no stable version available at the moment.
Cleeper is a tool for pasting images and texts of clipboard to a chrome browser view. It is based on the python eel library which communicates between python and the browser.
Currently cleeper only shows the history of the clipboard and is only tested on windows with python 3.7.

The new frontend is written in react with typescript. For store management redux is used. 

How to

  • Install pipenv packages
  • Run
  • Use ctrl+l to paste clipboard items to browser

Download Versions

Alpha Versions